Psycho Monkey's skilled tattooists can cover up almost any tattoo.

There are many common misunderstandings about cover-up work that have people keeping junky tattoos that they dislike.  However that really doesn't have to be the case, and here at Psycho Monkey we're on hand to fix your old ink properly.

Basically, there are two approaches to cover-up work.  The first involves redoing the old tattoo to make it look fresh and new again.  The second involves radically changing what you originally had in order to come up with an entirely new image or design.  Whichever you decide, we're more than happy to help you love that tattoo once more!

Cover-up tattoo before

Even solid black tattoos can be remade to look good as new, with fresh ink applied to help patch up those faded areas and make it look immaculate again.  Adding nice, sharp outlines will clean up any blurring of the old outline into the surrounding skin, giving you artwork you can be proud of.

On the other hand, if you prefer to get a tattoo covered completely as opposed to being refreshed, this too can be easily be achieved.  Just remember that the main guidelines for changing old tattoos from one design to another are:

  1. Your new tattoo will need to be at least 50% larger than the old one.
  2. Your new tattoo will require a revised focal point to draw the eye away from what was there before.
  3. The work will need to be done on a tattoo that is already fully healed, and is not badly scarred.

By following these guidelines, your tattoo artist will have room to trick the viewer's eye into focusing on the new design, rather than focusing on certain points of the old tattoo that would previously drawn attention.

Please remember that cover-up tattoo work may require more than one sitting in order to be finished - this is because some cover-ups need to be done in layers in order to fully blend the fresh ink into the older work.  It is also crucial to choose a design or image that you are happy to live with for life, because further cover-up work will be much harder to do.

Cover-up tattoo after