Welcome to Psycho Monkey - the North West's premier home for mind-blowing, custom tattoo work!

Glance below for our current roster of artists.

Jay Abbott

Jay Abbott is Psycho Monkey's head honcho, and an artist with one of the fastest growing reputations in the north of England.

Having studied under Wigan's Stu Swain, Jay has been tattooing for over 12 years.  He opened Psycho Monkey in 2011, and it's been his home ever since.   Jay particularly enjoys inking portraits and black and grey realism, with the odd bit of old-school and colour.

Damo Ross

Damo Ross is one of Psycho Monkey's in-house artists.

Damo has been tattooing for 5 years, and has been a regular at Psycho Monkey since 2016.  A genuine all-rounder, Damo is happy undertaking any style, and excels in cover-up tattoos.